Just 9 riders took the start at our first club 10 of 2017, on a cool evening with light winds.  Only two club members competed, with Dave England 27.42 taking the win from John Sanchez-Bisson 31.18.  Three visitors beat 24 minutes, with Aron Kelly fastest with 23.42, followed by Richard Bradley and Andrew Hanley.

Crabwood CC    
David England Crabwood CC 27.42
John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood CC 31.18
Aron Kelly Southampton Tri Club 23.42
Richard Bradley 3c Cyclexperience 23.48
Andrew Hanley New Forest CC 23.50
Mike Naulls VC Venta 24.07
Mick Anglim New Forest CC 26.39
Becky Croton 3c Cyclexperience 30.22
Sandra Gibbs Southampton Tri Club 30.51