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  1. Lance Armstrong: Did we need another documentary?

    The Lance Armstrong story has been told a lot, but finding out whether time has healed old wounds remains a fascinating journey.
  2. Tour de France: Mark Cavendish's selection chances not 'automatic', says Bahrain-McLaren team principal

    Mark Cavendish's chances of being selected for this year's Tour de France have been hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, says Bahrain-McLaren team principal.
  3. Elynor Backstedt: British cyclist breaks leg in training crash

    British cyclist Elynor Backstedt breaks her leg in a training crash during her first season as a professional.
  4. Jess Varnish: Ex-cyclist's hearing 'should not fear Bosman ruling'

    Jess Varnish's employment tribunal appeal hearing is told it should not fear a Bosman-style ruling based on the disruption it might cause.
  5. David Smith: British Para-cyclist could race at Glasgow 2023 for Jamaica

    British Paralympic gold medallist David Smith is prepared to compete for Jamaica at the 2023 World Cycling Championships in Glasgow after tumour responds to radiation.